Experience dining in tatami room .......reserve now !

Once tried, must be repeated!!!  And it's not all that uncomfortable
because we have built in a leg space for all long leggy people.
unless you're in a hurry and have no time or reluctant to remove
your shoes. In a private room, one gets relaxed and enjoy meals
with loved ones and friends. Seasonal specials are available to
energize your taste buds. Better yet, leave your dish selection to
Benkei's house menu of at least 6 courses (please tell us your
budget and your wishes), Omakasei. You get to try all varieties of
Japanese cooking styles. In fact the house menu is rather
economical for what one gets!

To make reservations, please call us at (1) 718-1888 or drop us an
online reservation below. We check our e-mail regularly and will
confirm your reservation by e-mail or phone.

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  Try susi and izakaya   dishes!

  asparagus dish
  grilled fish with miso taste
  sushi & nabe combination

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