Business hours:

   Monday - Friday 12:00 ~12:30 Lunch
                                18:00 ~23:30 Evening

   Saturday and Sunday 18:00 ~23:30

  Address:    Ungargasse 6
1030, Wien (Vienna), Austria
                       Tel/ Fax  (431) 718-1888

  Try our special bento   menu for tourist groups!

    bento delux

    bento sashimi tempura 

    bento sushi royal

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   Benkei has been providing meals for tour groups    for many years. Bento menu varieties are available    to suit the needs of tourist groups. Situationweise    Onigili (Japanese home style rice ball with filling)    package can be arranged, too, for picnics or airport    departure short snacks.

   For travel agencies or tour guides who are    interested of such service, please feel free to    contact us for group menu options.  

   For Japanese language, please ask for Benkei       Okasan.  For English or German, please ask for
Mr. C.F. Chang.

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