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 Tang Yin

Tang Yin (1470-1523)

The painter in the Ming Dynasty,a native of Wu country,JiangSu province. His style name was Bo Hu and his sobriquets were Bo hu,etc.He had been put in prison for malpractice in civil recruitment examination.He was talented in painting landscape,human figures and flower-and-bird which follow the style of Zhou Chen.He was honored as the Four Great Masters in the Ming Dynasty with Shen Zhou,Wen Zhen'ming and Qiu Ying.His works were included in "the collections of Liuru Jushi."

Tang Bohu's sothing landscpae painting landscpae painting 2 landscpae painting3     Apart from painting and
    calligraphy, Tang Yin was     particularly reputable for     his poems. He was a popular
    figure for his romance among
    his scholarly and painters     society. He left an album of
    three poems written on ten     leaves in running script
    calligraphy with a brilliance
    often thought to be second to
    his mastery in painting.










Tang Bohu's painting of  lady painting of a group of women chatting scene    On the left are Tang Yin's painting of classic ladies; both
   paintings express the tranquility and calmness in the whole
   picture; very soothing to look at. Tang Yin studied
   landscape painting under Chou Chen, but later surpassed
   him by far. He used a moist brush which gave his paintings
   a close-woven and balanced quality.
   Critics have noted the affinities of his work to that of
   earlier painters. He painted figures, both male and
   female, bird and flower paintings, and pictured towers and





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