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About some of my favorite classic painters ......
Bata Shanren's painting of cabbagePu Hsin_yi's calligraphyChi Pai-Shih painting

   A few words about Chinese classic paintings and calligraphy ...

    Call me crazy if you like because topic about Chinese brush painting is huge    and definitely not easy. But hey, no pain no gain. I discovered more than I    expected. The joy of viewing great painting is beyond expression. Certainly    art appreciation is a matter of personal preference and I can't talk for all.    But sharing the positive impression is another wonderful thing. I hope that I    can make my appreciation of classic Chinese painting contagious to all who have   eyes for them.
                                                                        painting set of brush ,  ink stone and ink stick

This web site covers only limited great Chinese painters. It hurts me bad that I couldn't do a better job than this. I would love to add one more page about Shih Tao, whom I considered another influential freehand brush painter next to Bata Shanren. All these great hands had their unique brush strokes. Among these painters,   some of you might find inclusion of Tang Yin a bit odd here. But my
purpose is   to make people see the similarity that you probably will find in Pu's paintings.

various seals  od different calligraphy
(seals with different calligraphy styles)

   Unlike western painters, being great Chinese painter is required to be multi    talented; not only has superb in painting, but also need to be equally skillful
   in calligraphy and poetry.  Besides, rice paper used for brush painting is not
   to compare with canvas. Unlike oil painting, one done, no return. It's never like    oil paining that you can "repair" several times on canvas.

   For those who are curious about material used for Chinese paining. I've put    together a few images included on this page. One more thing worth mentioning    is the seal or seal used on classic Chinese paintings. Yes, they are significant.    The seals refer to the reassurance of painting authenticity, pretty much like    the signatures found on western paintings. Believe or not, the seal usage were    also adapted by some european artist like Austrian painter, Egon Schielle and    Oskar Kokoschka.

Chang Da-Chien's painting  of lotus
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