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Backyard Veggie Garden makes my tea taste better ...

Ever since I move to US, I have consistently complaining the quality of tea. Numerous attempts of buying various blends turns out a waste of money. Till recently I got more involved with my back yard veggie growing, I start to find the good old state in my tea. I think what I am trying to say is gardening of growing plants is such a wonderful feeling and experience that's worth trying for everyone.

image of various tyeps of vegetables  and  fruitsAppreciation and thanks to the friend in Florida who sent me 12 types of Asian veggie seeds, I planted 6 types this year in my backyard like the photos on top of this page. They include bottled gourd(birdhouse), luffa, bitter melon, perilla, oriental eggplant and one species that I'm unsure what it is and so no page about it in this web site.

Through the learning curve I have discovered quite a few web sites that provide nice tips for gardening like National Gardening,, Garden Web and ...etc. Hope you'll find them helpful, too.

Happy gardening!

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Sunday, 06-Mar-2005
birdhouse gourd l sponge luffa l bitter melon l Japanese perilla l oriental eggplant