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bab birdhouse gourd germinated  baby birdhouse gourd   still in   germinating pot birdhourd gourd plant moved to   backyard soil birdhouse gourd growig  with full sun n water

Birdhouse Gourd

various tsates of birdhouse   Seeds of birdhouse gourd are bownish and shaped like tooth. It's good to start your seeds indoors in late March or early April and transplant the seedlings to the garden after the middle of May.

Large birdhouse gourds will take at least 100 growing days to mature. Harvest your birdhouse gourds when the stems are withered and brown. This might be right up to the middle of October--or when the first frost is predicted. Frost will damage the gourds! Cut them off the vine, leaving 4-6 inches of stem intact.

Handle the gourd gently to prevent injury to the skin that will start rot. Wash off soil and debris with a 10% solution of vinegar or bleach. Lay the gourds out to dry on an old screen or shelf covered with newspaper-change the newspaper frequently. Be sure that they aren't touching one another. Another alternative is to drill a small hole in the neck of the gourd and hang them to dry. They should be turned frequently if they are laying out. Check them often (daily at first) and discard any that are showing signs of rotting

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