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Web Design Client Agreement


This document outlines the agreement between Shamu WEeb Design and the website customer (Client) ____________________________________ of ____________________________________.

The actual design of the website may be carried out by an approved and qualified third party designer.Shamu Web Design will administer the sales and billing.

Basic Design and Programming Package. Package includes:
Domain Name Registration. Includes one-year registration (as long as the name is

The complete design of the website shall include up to a total of 15 pages:

a. 5 Main Pages. Each page will include a unique page-top logo and hyperlink buttons, typically called: Welcome, About, Products, Links and Order Form.

b. Subsidiary Pages. Up to 10 pages will have a simple format with more detailed information.

Form-Mail Ordering System. This will email information about the customer to the Client.
Graphics. Up to 15 full size images, plus thumbnails of each; logos for each main page; a user-friendly navigation system featuring buttons, image-maps or flash. Each site is given a unique look, using the Client’s preferred color scheme.
Text. Client should provide written material for each of these pages. Text should be publication-ready and exactly as it will read on the Internet. Limited to 500 words total.
Site Review. Upon initial completion of the site, a design review shall be arranged. The Client shall receive a complete printout of the site. The Client can request specific changes by writing them clearly on the hardcopy After these changes are made the design is considered completed. Any further updates or revisions after this point will be charged at an hourly rate.
Indexing. Submission of the website to the most important and popular search engines shall begin after a site is completed.
Hosting. One year of free basic web hosting by Northwest Technical Inc. is included.
Reporting. Web-log reporting is included.
Other Services. Advanced web programming is available at additional cost. Services including custom Perl Programming (shopping carts etc.), SQL database, custom PHP, custom Java scripting, Guest Books, Chat Rooms, Bulletin Boards, Credit Card Real Time Processing (secure server)
Payment. Total cost for the website is $750. The Client shall pay a $350 non-refundable deposit at the commencement of work. The remaining $400 to be paid in full when the site is completed, concurrent with the start of indexing. This contract is considered binding and non-cancelable 3 days after signing. The Client shall indemnify Shamu Web Design from any disagreements between the Affiliate Web Designer and the Client.
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Last Modified: March 4, 2003

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